Fleet Observer GPS tracking solutions will save you money by allowing you to make better use of your assets.


Fleet Observer uses the latest most efficient and effective GPS technology suited to your needs and circumstances. We can offer low cost solution  where standard GPS tracking services are required. For example, it  simply allows you to know  where your vehicles are and where they have been.

Fleet Observer can also provide customised solutions where advanced tracking facilities such as immobilisation or driver identification are required.

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Fleet Observer’s GPS systems can help your business by making better use of your vehicles by reducing fuel costs, shorter journeys, better driver behaviour, better maintenance schedules etc. Fleet Observer’s plant system, which is for site machinery, such as excavators, allows its customers to increase their security. It does this by ensuring that the machines cannot be started outside of set hours and if it moved unexpectedly, off site or away from your depot, you will know about it immediately.




If you have a large fleet of vehicles and you need to know who is driving a particular vehicle for safety or compliance reasons, we can install a driver identification system.

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Fleet Observer can also offer solutions that will allow you to communicate with a SatNav. This will allow you  to send addresses,  messages or obtain estimated time of  arrival of your vehicle at your customers premises.