Most plant used on construction site are expensive items to purchase and maintain but they often have to be left in locations where there are few people around outside of  normal working hours. It is well known that theft is a constant threat in such circumstances and even if the machinery is insured the pay out by the insurance company rarely compensates for the loss of a piece of equipment that has been well looked after. Therefore, by using GPS tracking you can make a theft more difficult, alert you to a theft and enable you to locate a piece of machinery that has been taken. Together, these factors  improve considerably the chance of either keeping the plant or recovering it.

Monitoring of your plant with GPS tracking

Keeping machinery secure, however, is only one part of using GPS tracking. It can also ensure your  plant is being well maintained and looked after.

Our GPS tracking systems can both help you keep your machinery and ensure it runs well by keeping track of the number of hours your plant is running and alerting you to when any regular maintenance is required.

Security of your plant

Our GPS tracking systems allows you to put an electronic ‘fence’ around your machinery and if it ever moves outside of the fence you will get an alert. This is particularly useful if you leave your plant on site for periods of time and the site is not staffed at all times. If you get a geofencing alert when you are not expecting it you can then track the plant to alert the authorities that something is amiss.

As an addition, or alternatively, you can get an alert if the plant is moving when the ignition is not outside of the hours that the machine is normally being used. This is useful where your machinery is not left at a place for long periods of time. It can also be used as a back up to geofencing.

Finally, we can provide remote immobilisation for your plant such that even if the thieves have a duplicate key to the machinery, it cannot be started. This is usually used in conjunction with an out of hours scheduler so that the machinery cannot be started during these times. The remote immobilisation can be manually overridden if you find you need to use the machinery outside your scheduled work hours.