Tracking real time locations

melbourne v5 editedOur system allows you to know where your vehicles are, tracking them any time of day or night. You will see whether the vehicle’s ignition is on or off, how fast it is moving and the address it is at. The real-time location works all over Australia where there is Telstra 3G coverage. If full coverage of Australia is required a Satellite connected service is also available.







Tracking driver behaviour

harshAll our systems can monitor the way your employees drive your vehicles so that you can ensure they are doing so safely and within the law. You can receive alerts if your vehicles are exceeding a set limit or for an extra charge local speed limits. This will enable you to identify drivers at risk of receiving speeding fines and possible driving suspension due to the loss of points on their licence. You can also receive reports on harsh driving, particularly excessive braking, acceleration and cornering. Many find this a useful way of comparing how different drivers rate.


History playback

History listhistory mapIt is possible to see details of where your vehicles have been on any day, perfect for checking to see if they are doing what you expected them to do or if they have visited the places that you wanted them to go to. You can see this either as a list or on a map.








Tracking fuel consumption and costs

Our customers report that just by fitting the trackers onto their vehicles and discussing their use with their drivers, they can decrease the amount of fuel used by around 10%. If closer monitoring of the vehicles are undertaken this can be reduced even further. In many cases extra jobs can be fitted in because of more efficient use of the vehicle and employee time and this will pay for the trackers many times over.

Driver identification

dirver idIt can sometimes be more important to know who is driving a vehicle than which vehicle is being driven, for example if you have vehicles that are pooled or shared and it receives an infringement notice and you cannot identify the driver you could be liable to a large fine. In such instances knowing who the driver is can save you a considerable amount of money. Also in large work-sites where safety speed limits apply you can determine who is exceeding those limits and address the problem.
tag The driver ID system can be set up either to allow any driver with a tag to drive a vehicle or you can restrict a vehicle to a group of drivers. In the first case you can also choose to allow a vehicle to be started with or without a driver ID being present, in the latter case the vehicle can only be started if the driver ID is used.






Two way messaging

garmin screen 1We have devices that not only allow you to know where your vehicles are, but allows you to send the messages to your vehicles. This can be useful if you have vehicles out on jobs that are constantly changing during the day and you need to send details of the next clients they need to go to.


garmin screen 2Our system also has a job allocation function that allows you to plan a list of jobs or clients that you need to send your vehicles to. It will then send out the addresses and details to the appropriate vehicles. When this information is received in the vehicles the address information can be loaded straight into a Garmin navigation device to guide your driver to their next location.

garmins screen 3

Drivers can also send messages back to you, to say for example, jobs are completed, they are on their way to the next job or ask for further information etc.